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Electrical Project for the Shopping Malls, Offices, Storehouses

Based on the technical conditions, your needs, requirements and specifications of the given location, we will design an electrical project for your shop, office or a storehouse. A correctly designed project ensures a safe and reliable work of your electrical network; moreover, the successful electrical project will also allow you to use the energy and power resources of your business enterprise rationally.
The electrical part of the shop, office and a storehouse should be convenient and safe for the user, having the specifically designed project (given the maintenance work is carried out within the requirement of the electrical project) at hand, any electrician will be able to solve the problem that can be caused during the process of exploitation.

The project will contain an explanatory note, principal electrical scheme and a maintenance scheme. Our team will carry out all necessary approvals and confirmations with all inspection bodies. Given that fact that we have all the necessary input data, the project preparation terms is 3-5 working days.

Lighting equipment selection

While choosing the lighting equipment, we do so considering the specifics and the purpose of its use. For instance, when we design a lighting plan for a shop, in this case the lighting should attract customers, emphasize the good qualities of the product and conceal the disadvantages, be safe and cost-effective, whereas, when we work on a lighting plan for the office, we know it should be functional and comfortable. Each working place in the office should be illuminated in such a way that employers could fully concentrate on their work during the whole working day (and up to the evening hours in autumn and winter times).

When we are working on a lighting plan for a storehouse, we do our best to make it functional, efficient and safe. The choice of lighting equipment (lamps and luminaries) for the location is made based on the operating European lighting and safety regulations; some local facts – environment, possible mechanical loads, operating modes, etc. The lighting equipment of different price segment is offered for our clients: budget models as well as premium-class lamps and luminaries. We also offer a choice of lamps to suit your interior design. There is a guarantee and warranty maintenance of all equipments supplied by Svitlo Tech.

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Lighting and electrical equipment installation and service

Electrical equipment and wring installation in the shop/office/storehouse is always performed in accordance with the electrical installation regulations requirements and only by qualified professionals. All works are carried out in close communication with the customer and the constructions company. We understand the specifics of the location and the object during the stage of its construction that is why we can lead a successful dialogue with the construction workers on site. Our electricians regularly undergo the process of verification of their skills and enhance their professionalism.

There is a system of discount for lighting and electrical equipment installation for all of our loyal clients. All installation and service works are done in accordance with the schedule; we can also perform electrical works on site at a time convenient for the customer, which is relevant for the operating enterprise. Upon request, we can offer a technical maintenance service of the electric equipment: light-bulb replacement, electric wiring and lamps repair, laying of the new powers lines, LED lighting, etc. In case of emergency we immediately visit the premises and make on-site inspections in order to address deficiencies and electrical malfunctions.

Lighting, Lamps and Luminaries Repair/ Refitting Lamps into LED Lighting

Every here and now there is a visible tendency for lighting renovation – refitting of fluorescent, mercury, metallogenic lamps and their exchange for economical and lifelong LED lighting. For those who cannot afford LED lighting for some reasons we offer an affordable solution – lamp modernization; refitting lamps and luminaries into LED by keeping or increasing the luminous flux of the older model of the lamp. The price for such refitting depends on a type of casing and technical characteristics of the older model lamp. Cost estimate is free.

We also repair the lamps – replace the casing details, power units, etc. All works can be performed on a territory of the customer at a convenient time.